Youth Zine's Interview with Ted Alexander, Chris Conley, and Eben D'amico

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With a fresh release under their belts, New Jersey's Saves The Day are about to embark on new territory in upcoming years. An altered lineup from their previous full length "Can't Slow Down", they have redefined their sound, which consists of an innovative blend of emotion and rock that has the ability to help any teenager get through life. If there is one band whose music is as both identifiable and therapeutic to the common youth, than Saves The Day is it. Writing lyrics that range from horrible relationship breakups to, as their new album is conveniently titled, through being cool. Constant touring with acts such as Fastbreak, A New Found Glory, Snapcase and a North American tour with H20, Saves The Day's fan base is greater than ever. In the future, expect to see Saves The Day along side the likes of Blink182 and Green Day. I got a chance to hang out with Saves the Day in Buffalo and Toronto in the summer during their stint with Fastbreak and Farside. - Sean

PM - State the obvious, please.

Chris - Chris on vocals, Dave on guitar, Ted on guitar, Bryan on drums and Eben on bass

Is there one subject that you guys predominantly write about?

Chris - Growing up and relationships with other people.

Relationships going stale or good times?

Chris - Either one really.

Do you have a lot of experience with relationships going bad?

Chris - I've been in a ton of relationships and I am not in them now, so I guess at one point they went sour. Yeah, I guess I've had experience, but nothing too bad; a few were terrible.

Ted - It's part of growing up.

Chris, you were going to NYU?

Chris - I was. We are going to do the band full time now.

What were you taking?

Chris - A number of writing classes, a Muslim-Europe class, Psychology, which was amazing. Now when I go home I am going to get a job in a book store, because my goal in life is to read every book that was ever written.

Ted, you where once in Another Victim, how was making the change from such a brutal hardcore band to Saves the Day?

Ted - It was really easy. I went from playing bad music to playing really good music. Nah, I am just kidding. I've been friends with these guys for 4 or 5 years, so I saw the evolution of the band, actually, before I was in the band I use to talk to Bryan on the phone and he would tell me how if one of the members quit I could join the band. So, I would always cross my fingers and hope that I could join the band, cause I really like them. Then the opportunity came. I went on tour with them the summer before I joined, so it was like I was already a member of the band. It was really comfortable hanging out with them. I just identify with the music a lot more.

Another Victim is renowned as being a straight-edge and vegan band, do you meet these requirements, so to speak?

Ted - No, I am just vegan.

What release did you play on?


What do you miss about your mothers the most?

Chris - I love my mom a lot - A LOT! I miss her so much, because she makes me the most incredible food; she is the nicest and cutest, sweetest woman I've ever known.

Ted - His mom does rule! She bought us a band refrigerator at his house and stocks it once a month. It's amazing.

Chris - Yeah, the guys were kind of living at my house the month before we recorded the album, so she would buy them food all the time. She is completely selfless.

Ted - She is the sixth member of Saves the Day!

Chris - Yes, absolutely the sixth member. I miss everything about her.

My mom is going through a little mid-life crisis.

Chris and Ted - Uh ohh.

She got a tattoo.

Chris - Shut your fucking mouth! Are you serious?

Yeah, and she wears those little half-pant-half-shorts.

Chris - No!!! Is she cute?

Nah, I don't have such an opinion about my mother.

Chris - I wonder if she is a "milf". It's from a movie called American Pie.

What is one quality about yourself, that you're proud of?

Chris - I liked to think that I am honest and I have a good sense of humor. I might not be funny, but I have a good sense of humor. I also try not to take myself too seriously. I try to have fun too. I also feel like I am very nice, although it may seem I am uptight sometimes.

Ted - I like to think that I am very loyal to my friends, although it may not be that true, I like to think I am.

Is friendship important to you?

Ted - Yes, very, very, very important.

Chris - Wait, I also think that I care about people a lot. I think that's one of my best traits.

Do you have any regrets in life?

Chris - Not one!

Ted - I have a billion, so too many to name.

Eben, what about you?

Eben - I regret not being included in this interview! [laughs throughout]

I'll give two choices and you must pick one as fast as possible: Lilth Fair or Ozzfest?

Chris - Lilth Oz. Lilth Ozfest!

Reading or writing?

Chris - Writing, and reading! No! Reading!!! Writing and reading - both at the same time!

25ta Life or Comin' Correct?

Chris - [laughter] Comin' Correct, ?´cause they play all 25ta Life songs and are not 25ta Life.

Mom or Dad?

Chris - Jesus! Don't make me pick, but Mom. But I love my Dad a lot.

Nintendo or Playstation?

Chris - Playstation, but I love Zelda for Nintendo.

Ted, your turn, Mom or Dad?

Ted - Can't make me choice! Myself!

Lilth Fair or Ozfest?

Ted - Hard choice, because there would be a lot of cute girls at Lilth Fair, but Black Sabbath at Ozfest, so I'd say it's a toss up.

Nintendo or Playstation?

Ted - Nintendo, the 8-bit version.

Ahhh, the old school style. Have you played Excite Bike?